HelloSlippers Influencer Program

Earn commission & cash out at US$ 20!

Eligible Social Media Channels

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Cumulative referred revenue* US$ 300 US$ 5000
HelloSlippers Member Discounts
Up to 10% OFF for followers
Maximum Commission Rate (See more) 10% 10% 11%
Get featured by HelloSlippers
Exclusive Giveaways
Influencers Referring Influencers program
Receive sponsored products
Tier recognition e-certificate
Birthday Gift
Welcome Offer New influencers with 100k+ followers receive Star status for their first 12 months!

   *In a maximum 12-month membership period.


Get Free Products

Reach STAR or higher levels to claim free products by contacting the HelloSlippers team at support@helloslippers.com


Monetize Your Content

Always include your Rewards Code and/or Link and tag us for more exposure


Use Your Commission

Cash out at US$ 20 or use your commission to shop at HelloSlippers

Refer potential influencers to join the HelloSlippers Influencer Program and

earn extra commission!


* Maximum of 20 referrals (US$ 100 in commission) per month. (See details)

Step one: share your unique referral link

Step two: earn US$ 5 per successful referral

Frequently Asked Questions +

How does the HelloSlippers Influencer Program work?

You will receive a customized Rewards Code with your HelloSlippers Influencer Program membership. Promote your Rewards Code on your social media channels or blog. When your followers make a purchase at HelloSlippers.com using your Rewards Code, you will receive a percentage of the sale in Commission. You can use Commission towards future HelloSlippers orders, or you can choose to cash out once you've accumulated at least US$ 20 in Commission.

There are 3 progressive membership tiers in the HelloSlippers Influencer Program: Rising Star, Star and Superstar. To progress to the next tier, you will need to reach a certain amount of cumulative referred revenue while in your current membership tier. Please refer to the table for more details.

How long will my influencer membership be valid?

HelloSlippers Influencer Program memberships, excluding Rising Star memberships, are valid until the end of the twelfth calendar month from the date a membership tier is attained. For example, if a customer is upgraded to the Superstar tier in mid-June then the membership expires at the end of June of the following year. Rising Star memberships do not expire.

How do I renew my influencer membership?

There is no need to renew your membership once you have registered as a HelloSlippers Influencer. However, your membership tier may be changed depending on your cumulative referred revenue during the 12-month period of your current membership tier. If your cumulative referred revenue meets the revenue requirement for a higher tier during the 12-month period of your current membership, you will be upgraded automatically within the next business day to the higher tier, and your membership will be renewed for a 12-month period.

How can I find my current influencer membership status or tier?

You can view your current membership status or tier on the My Account page.

What is cumulative referred revenue?

Cumulative referred revenue is the total revenue you have referred to HelloSlippers using your Rewards Code or Rewards Link during a given period of time.

How is my cumulative referred revenue calculated?

Your cumulative referred revenue is determined by the total revenue of the orders placed at HelloSlippers using your Rewards Code or Rewards Link during a given period of time. Once your membership tier is changed or a new membership period starts, the cumulative referred revenue will reset to zero. Cumulative referred revenue is the sum total of every US dollar, or US dollar equivalent in other currencies, referred through your Rewards Code or Rewards Link, excluding coupon values, shipping fees and tax used as payment. If a sale or discounted item is included in an order, the reduced price will be used to calculate your cumulative referred revenue.

Why is my influencer membership tier being upgraded or downgraded?

HelloSlippers will review your cumulative referred revenue at certain times, resulting in an upgrade, a downgrade or a rewewal of your membership tier. If your cumulative referred revenue reaches a certain threshold during a given month, you will be upgraded to the next tier within the next business day. Your new influencer membership tier will last 12 months unless your cumulative referred revenue reaches another threshold and you are upgraded again. If you remain at a single influencer membership tier for 12 months, your current influencer membership will expire and your cumulative referred revenue will be used to determine your next influencer membership tier, which will either be a renewal of your current tier or a downgrade to a previous tier.

Who qualifies for the HelloSlippers Influencer Program?

Currently you must have a Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest or Instagram account, or a YouTube channel to apply for the HelloSlippers Influencer Program. Once you have submitted an application, we will review your account metrics and social media presence to determine if you qualify for the program.

How can I share my Rewards Code?

You can start sharing your Rewards Code by clicking on the button.

How much commission I can earn?

You can earn Commission by giving your friends 10% OFF their first purchase + 4% OFF their future orders. Once your followers order we’ll give you a certain amount of commission depending on your membership tiers. You can now earn your Commission by sharing the Rewards Link or code on your social media channels or blog. When your followers click on your Rewards Link and make a purchase at HelloSlippers.com, you'll receive double your Commission.

How are sales attributed to me?

Sales are attributed via the "last click", meaning your Rewards Link or Rewards Code must be the last one used by a customer before they place an order at HelloSlippers.com. Your Rewards Code must be in the Rewards Link URL that you share to properly attribute the sale to you, or your Rewards Code must be the last one entered before checkout. A 30-day cookie will be dropped into a customer's browser once a Rewards Link is clicked. Any sales made will be attributed to you if no other cookies are recorded before an order is placed.

What exclusive support will the HelloSlippers Influencer Program provide?

You will receive exclusive influencer newsletters with up-to-date promotions, program news and content ideas.

Where can I ask questions about the HelloSlippers Influencer Program?

You can email us for HelloSlippers Influencer-related enquiries using this link. You can also direct message us on Instagram at @helloslippers_influencers.

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