Influencers Referring Influencers


  • The HelloSlippers Influencers Referring Influencers campaign (the “Campaign”) allows HelloSlippers Influencers (“Referrers”) to earn HelloSlippers commission by referring non- HelloSlippers Influencers (“Referred Influencers”) to successfully become a HelloSlippers Influencer..


  • The Referrer must be a member of the HelloSlippers Influencer Program.
  • The Referrer must fully comply with these Terms & Conditions to participate in the Campaign.

General Program Participation

  • Your participation in the Campaign constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to the Terms & Conditions hereby as well as HelloSlippers’ decisions and interpretations, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Campaign.

Making a Referral

  • Referrers distribute their unique HelloSlippers Influencer referral link (the “Referral Link”) to Referred Influencers, who can then use the Referral Link to sign up to become a HelloSlippers Influencer.
  • Referrers can find their Referral Link in the “Account Summary” section under “My Account”. Old referral links generated as part of previous campaigns or promotions have since expired, and do not apply to the Campaign.
  • When a Referred Influencer has successfully signed up using their Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter or Pinterest accounts, and been accepted to become a HelloSlippers Influencer using a Referral Link, the Referrer will earn an amount of Commission.
  • Referred Influencers MUST sign up through the Referral Link provided by the Referrer in order to be counted as a qualified referral. Otherwise, the Referrer will not receive Commission for the referral.
  • For every successful referral made by the Referrer, the Referrer will earn US$ 5 of Commission. Referrers can successfully refer up to 20 Referred Influencers each calendar month, and thus can earn up to US$ 100 of Referral Commission each calendar month. Upon the start of a new calendar month, the total of Referred Influencers successfully referred by Referrer will reset to zero, allowing them to subsequently refer up to 20 Referred Influencers within that new calendar month.
  • If a Referred Influencer is disqualified for any reason by HelloSlippers after being approved as a HelloSlippers Influencer, the Referrer will not bear any responsibility. The Referrer will not suffer from the disqualification, and any previously earned Commission will not be deducted from the Referrer’s account.

Commission earned by referral

  • Commission will be awarded to the Referrer only when the Referred Influencer signs up through the Referral Link and is successfully accepted to the HelloSlippers Influencer Program with their Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter or Pinterest accounts.
  • Commission will appear in the “Commission” section in “My Account” as “Referral Commission” after the influencer application has been approved.
  • Commission will be calculated in US Dollars (USD). If the Referrer chooses to spend the Commission using a currency other than USD, the Commission will be converted from USD based on HelloSlippers’ internal exchange rate.
  • Commission can be used by the Referrer towards future purchases at or the Referrer may elect to cash out their Commission after accumulating a total balance of at least US$ 20. For more details about commission cashout, please visit the “Commission” section of the HelloSlippers Influencer Program Terms & Conditions.
  • Commission will expire at the end of the sixth month (over 180 days) after the Commission was posted to the Referrer’s account.
  • Commission earned by the Referrer can only be used with the Referrer’s corresponding HelloSlippers account and is not transferable.

Verification of Qualified Referrals

  • Commission earned by referral is subject to verification. HelloSlippers may delay awarding Commission for the purposes of investigation or any other reason it deems appropriate. HelloSlippers may refuse to verify and process any transaction that it deems, at its sole discretion, to be fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of these Terms & Conditions or its Privacy Policy, or believes will impose potential liability on HelloSlippers.

General Promotional Restrictions

  • Referrers may share their Referral Link on their personal blog or personal social media accounts (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) subject to the terms and conditions of those accounts. However, a Referrer’s social media profile shall not contain an avatar or any other content that could be interpreted as being managed by, or otherwise related to or associated with, HelloSlippers.
  • Referrers are expressly prohibited from posting their Referral Link on any official HelloSlippers social media accounts or the HelloSlippers website (in reviews, social media comments, etc.) in an attempt to generate Commission. Referrers are also prohibited from posting any comments on any official HelloSlippers social media accounts or the HelloSlippers website that could be interpreted as promoting or attempting to redirect users to other Internet locations (e.g., websites, or social media accounts or pages) that feature or distribute their Referral Link.
  • Referrers are prohibited from posting their Referral Link in an attempt to generate Commission, or posting comments that could be interpreted as attempting to promote or distribute their Referral Link, on any social media accounts or websites owned or operated by entities affiliated with HelloSlippers, including but not limited to influencers or other entities that participate in the Program.
  • A Referrer’s blog, website or social media pages may not resemble HelloSlippers’ website or include any content that could imply an affiliation with HelloSlippers.
  • Referrers are allowed to email their Referral Link using their personal email. However, such emails cannot look as if they are being sent or sponsored by HelloSlippers.
  • Referrers may not create or utilize any client side application (browser plugin, extension, executable, etc.) on any device that might imply affiliation with HelloSlippers.
  • HelloSlippers reserves the right to void or suspend Commission if fraudulent activity or abuse is detected or suspected. Should there be any disputes regarding these Terms & Conditions, HelloSlippers' decision is final.


  • Referrers will be disqualified from the Campaign if they create posts or content on any Internet platform, including but not limited to official YesStyle social media channels and the YesStyle website, featuring their Referral Link and including any of the following:
    • Curses, obscenities or profanity
    • Racist or discriminatory content
    • Sexual content such as nudity or sexually explicit images or video
    • Comments responding to or copying content created by other influencers or content creators
    • “Spam” content
    • Off-topic discussion
  • Referrers will be automatically disqualified from the campaign if they are determined by HelloSlippers to have caused brand damage by posting and spreading inappropriate content, such as the examples previously listed, via comments or private messages on any social media channels, or have conducted themselves in a manner that could be interpreted as bringing HelloSlippers into disrepute.
  • HelloSlippers reserves the right to immediately disqualify Referrers, void Commission, suspend or ban customers, and/or void HelloSlippers membership if any fraudulent activity, abuse or other conduct, including but not limited to the examples listed above, is detected or suspected.

Liability Disclaimer

  • Referrers must respect the spirit of the Campaign by only referring real individuals who meet the requirements of these Terms & Conditions. If you create multiple accounts or attempt to participate in the Campaign using multiple identities, then HelloSlippers, at its sole discretion, may disqualify you and void any or all such accounts. Commission may not be combined with different promotions for any purpose.
  • HelloSlippers assumes no liability for discrepancies, delays, omissions, inconsistencies or errors in the calculation and the crediting of Commission. The decisions of HelloSlippers with respect to the Campaign, including without limitation the qualifying referrals, earned Commission, and account balances are final and binding and not subject to appeal in all respects.
  • Should there be any dispute concerning the HelloSlippers Influencers Referring Influencers campaign or Commission in any regard, HelloSlippers reserves the right to make the final decision.
  • The HelloSlippers Influencers Referring Influencers campaign is run by Ltd. and is only applicable at
  • The Terms & Conditions contained herein may change periodically or be revised at any time at our sole discretion. Your continued participation in the Campaign means that you accept any changes or modifications to these Terms & Conditions. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to cease your participation in the Campaign or to terminate your participation in the HelloSlippers Influencer Program by contacting Customer Service. Certain provisions of these Terms & Conditions may be superseded by legal notices or terms located on particular pages of
  • Ltd. reserves the right to terminate, discontinue, modify or cancel the HelloSlippers Influencers Referring Influencers campaign at any time and at its sole discretion without notice to you. However, Ltd. will make reasonable efforts to notify users of these changes. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions on