About HelloSlippers

Our Story

When we unwind from hard work or exhausting chores, we crave a soothing atmosphere that makes our life easier and more comfortable. We relish lounging in cozy attire and prioritize our own comfort over others' opinions. Slippers embody this concept of ease and comfort with their effortless slip-on design - no laces, straps, or heels. If you seek a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle, you deserve a simple pair of slippers. That's why we have ventured into the slipper industry.

Confidence in Comfort

We strive to create slippers with unparalleled comfort, putting in extensive effort in their design and production. Our talented team of shoe designers, boasting over 10 years of experience, are expertise in designing slippers that bring unmatched comfort to your feet. The manufacturing facilities we work with are also proud partners of some of the world's top shoe brands.

All of the shoe materials we use are of consistently high standard. For instance, most of our summer slides are made of high-quality EVA, a kind of eco-friendly material which has already won the hearts of people everywhere for its ultra-resilience and cushy comfort.

Casual yet Stylish

However, comfort does not mean sacrificing style. Traditionally, slippers are perceived as indoor footwear only. But, in our view, slippers can also be worn as a fashion statement. We have launched a variety of styles of slippers, cute or chic, neutral or bold. We also designed a range of novel shoe accessories, allowing customers to give their slippers an extra touch of individuality. People love to customize their own slippers and they are happy to wear them out of the house.

Wearing slippers outside is kind of a symbol of a life attitude nowadays, casual but not sloppy, simple yet far from boring. Join us in embracing this new way of lifestyle.

Our History

Established in 2020, HelloSlippers is a premium-quality footwear brand dedicated to providing the most comfortable and stylish slippers to people all over the world.

Back in 2021, when we first introduced the shark slides (Sharkicks Basic) to the market, the product spurted into great popularity across North America. We received rave reviews from our customers every day and their love and passion for the product greatly inspired us. We decided to launch more high-quality innovative slippers with original designs.

Sharkicks Pro, one of our flagship products, debuted on the market in January 2023, combining the finest of craftsmanship with innovation, elevating it beyond just an upgrade of the Sharkicks Basic. We'll keep introducing comfy and trendsetting outer wear slippers to the market and we are ready to ignite a fashion revolution in the slippers industry.