After nearly a year of effort, encompassing design, production, and countless iterations, we're thrilled to announce the grand arrival of our latest creation – the Oozeform Slide!


This innovative addition to our lineup draws inspiration from slime monsters found in video games and science fiction lore. The very essence of their shapeshifting and amorphous nature has ignited our imagination. Imagine molding slime into your dream creation – well, we've gone a step further and turned it into wearable art. It's as if we've transformed the tactile magic of slime into cozy footwear, infusing it with our own touch of creativity and imagination.



The name itself speaks volumes. Our team has meticulously engineered these slides to emulate the softness of ooze, delivering a cloud-like sensation with every step. This unparalleled comfort ensures you float through your day with unmatched ease.



Furthermore, we've amplified our focus on support and elasticity. The insole of our slides boasts enhanced impact absorption, setting them apart from standard fare. Bid adieu to tired and sore feet – our slides are your ticket to a speedy recovery post-exercise.




And let's not overlook the eyes of the Oozeform Slide – a customizable element that beckons your creative prowess. With a simple eye change, your slime monster evolves into a new persona. Whether you opt for sweetness with lollipop eyes or ferocity with nuclear kaiju eyes, or explore various other styles, – the power is in your hands!.