We are thrilled to share some exciting updates on our recent interactions with influencers and their amazing support for our products. It's always a joy to see our slippers shining on the social media stage, spreading comfort and style to new audiences. In this blog, we will introduce three incredible influencers who have recently shared their love for our products.

Giancarlo - @gianzcoach

Giancarlo, a popular personal coach with a massive following of 340k on Instagram, flaunts our fire kaiju slides in his empowering workout videos. Ignite your fitness journey with these flame-inspired slides, burn calories and sculpt your body to perfection.


Pedro Acosta - @37pedroacosta

Pedro Acosta, the Moto2 World Championship rider, chooses to don our Sharkicks Pro after exhilarating motorcycle races. The pirate edition of Sharkicks Pro perfectly complements his adventurous spirit in this daring sport.


Kathy Hilton - @kathyhilton

Kathy Hilton (Paris Hilton's mom) recently showcased our slippers in her Instagram post. The unicorn horn adds an enchanting touch of fantasy, making you truly stand out from the crowd.